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Two development trends in the global pre-coated film industry

The pre-coated film was born in about 1989. It was first widely used in European and American countries and did not enter Asia until 1996. At the same time, the European and American countries that used the pre-coating technology earlier have announced that they banned the use of instant-coated films and changed to pre-coated films. Due to the late use of pre-coated film technology in Asia, the share of pre-coated film in many Asian countries is not very high. At present, Japan has all used pre-coating film, and other countries, such as China and South Korea, are in the state of both pre-coating film and instant coating film. The data shows that as an environmentally friendly post-press laminating technology, pre-coating has been widely used in developed countries. In 1996, the United States realized the full replacement of pre-coating technology to instant-coating technology, and its current market share is 95%. As Europe is the birthplace of water-based instant coating technology, the promotion of pre-coating film in this area was slow at first, but its market share has been steadily increasing in recent years, and it has now reached 65%. Japan and South Korea began to promote pre-coated films in the 1990s, and the current market utilization rates have reached approximately 70% and 50% respectively. The application of pre-coated film technology in my country is relatively backward. Since the use of pre-coated film in 2000, it is still in its infancy. According to statistics in 2008, my country's pre-coating film market accounted for only less than 10%. Among them, the solvent-based instant coating technology is the most used, accounting for 68%. In addition, the water-soluble instant coating technology also accounts for about 20%. Due to the two development trends of the global pre-coating film industry, we can see that "the market prospect of pre-coating film is broad, and it is inevitable to replace instant coating technology to become the mainstream trend." It is just the current situation, countries and regions with low utilization rate are still in the replacement and development period of pre-coating technology. Many Asian manufacturers have realized the huge potential of the pre-coating film market, and their entry will inevitably gradually reduce the mainstream position of European and American manufacturers. The global cost of pre-coating films will also drop. Pre-coated film has a good market development prospect, which is closely related to its downstream industries. Without certain demand, it is impossible to create market myths. The downstream industry of pre-coated film is the printing industry, including the industrial printing market, the commercial printing market, and the special-purpose market. In the field of industrial printing, China has maintained an average growth rate of more than 10% in recent years; in the field of commercial printing, only card cards and poster advertising light boxes are currently widely used. Digital printing, digital fast printing and other businesses are also emerging and developing. It is estimated that in 2010, the global digital printing industry's share of the printing market will rise to 20% to 25%, and the annual growth rate will exceed 16%. The development of professional digital pre-coating film has become inevitable, and it will also provide huge development space for the pre-coating industry. At present, the pre-coated film technology is not simply applied to the field of printing and packaging. Many international pre-coating film manufacturers have successfully applied it to special industries, such as new building insulation materials in the construction industry, new insulation materials in the electronics industry, etc. This also expands the pre-coating film industry to a broader development space and New development direction.
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